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6th URBIO Conference
"Food security and Urban Biodiversity"
The broad theme of our next conference would be “Food security and Urban Biodiversity”. The broad theme of the conference is very important, in view of the Sustainable Development Goal, which calls for Sustainable Food security. Urban Biodiversity would have a major role to play in achieving the sustainable food security. Please send any ideas regarding the main themes and subthemes by the end of May 2017 as we plan for our next conference. You can mail at urbionetwork@gmail.com

URBIO Network as a registered Society
URBIO is not officially registered as a society. Some members of our community have expressed the feeling that registering URBIO as a society is important to bring more visibility as well as plan more activities in future. We can as a registered body play more important
role We have prepared tentative bylaws and we shall register the society in due course of time, the modalities of which are being worked out. The registered members would have some benefits – e.g. reduced registration fees at our URBIO conferences, undertake activities as part of open network on Future Earth, preparing large network projects, be part of the envisaged workshops and capacity building programs etc. Please circulate this to your networks far and wide and please join as soon as possible.

URBIO Membership Drive
This is a membership drive to form a 
new society called Urban Biodiversity & Design (URBIO - see http://www.urbionetwork.org/home/#). 
The initial membership drive lasts for 
one month and membership fee is $30 for regular members and $15 for students. For those that pay for membership by June 13, 2017, as an incentive, will receive an extra discount beyond the regular membership discount for the URBIO conference in 2018. You become 
an official member of URBIO when you pay the fees. Membership fee is
on an annual basis. However, because we 
are starting up the society, people paying 
their fees in 2017 are actually paying also for the entire year of 2018 (in addition to 2017). Here is a link for online payment. https://www.eventbrite.com
 (Click on the green button that says tickets to pay for membership dues). The reason we are doing Eventbrite is because we need an online method to collect money through credit cards both domestically and internationally.

URBIO's New President
During the 4th URBIO conference 2014 in Incheon, Korea, Haripriya Gundimeda was elected as President of the network. In the tradition of the network the organiser...Read more

URBIO Headquarter moves to India
The URBIO team wishes all URBIO members, colleagues, friends and followers a Happy New Year! At the moment the URBIO headquarters move to India...Read more

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