URBIO Newsletter
The URBIO headquarters distribute a newsletter with actual information about three to four times a year.
Topics are CBD news; new networks and projects about everything connected with urban biodiversity; job offers in scientific projects; URBIO conferences and workshops; other oncoming scientific conferences; new interesting books and other literature about urban biodiversity, ecology and design, etc.
If you have got any information about the aforementioned topics you wish to distribute through our newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Please send an email with the info you wish to be distributed through the newsletter to info.urbionetwork@gmail.com. Remember to include a link to a website, flyer or anything else with in-depth info! Send your information in good time, as we will not circulate info outside of a newsletter and any info that expired before the next newsletter will be not distributed at all. We do not distribute commercials of any sort.

To register for the URBIO newsletter, please write an email to: info.urbionetwork@gmail.com with the following subject: "Registration for URBIO newsletter". To cancel an existing registration, please write an email to:info.urbionetwork@gmail.com with the following subject: "De-registration of URBIO newsletter".

Here you may download PDFs of the previous newsletters of the URBIO network:
Please be aware that some of the links within the PDFs may not be working anymore.
40th URBIO newsletter - May 15th 2017.pdf(679KB)
39th URBIO newsletter - December 15th 2016.pdf(1526KB)
38th URBIO newsletter - September 15th 2016.pdf(951KB)
37th URBIO newsletter - June 15th 2016.pdf(1973KB)
36th URBIO newsletter - March 15th 2016.pdf(1277KB)
35th URBIO newsletter - December 15th 2015.pdf(848KB)
34th URBIO newsletter - September 15th 2015.pdf (912KB)
33rd URBIO newsletter - June 15th 2015.pdf (1012KB)
32nd URBIO newsletter - March 15th 2015.pdf (784KB)
31st URBIO newsletter - December 18th 2014.pdf (76KB)
30th URBIO newsletter - September 22nd 2014.pdf (36KB)
29th URBIO newsletter - June 26th 2014.pdf (68KB)
28th URBIO newsletter - May 06th 2014.pdf (76KB)
27th URBIO newsletter - February 24th 2014.pdf (232KB)
26th URBIO newsletter - December 3rd 2013.pdf (144KB)
25th URBIO newsletter - October 29th 2013.pdf (36KB)
24th URBIO newsletter - September 16th 2013.pdf (40KB)
23rd URBIO newsletter - April 30th 2013.pdf (456KB)
22nd URBIO newsletter - December 10th 2012.pdf (29KB)
21st URBIO newsletter - October 2nd 2012.pdf (20KB)
20th URBIO newsletter - August 13th 2012.pdf (32KB)
19th URBIO newsletter - March 28th 2012.pdf (22KB)
18th URBIO newsletter - revised version December 5th 2011.pdf (116KB)
17th URBIO newsletter - August 10th 2011.pdf (48KB)
16th URBIO newsletter - April 6th 2011.pdf (1.32MB)
15th URBIO newsletter - January 24th 2011.pdf (77KB)
14th URBIO newsletter - November 3rd 2010.pdf (200KB)
13th URBIO newsletter - August 23rd 2010.pdf (832KB)
12th URBIO newsletter - July 1st 2010.pdf (68KB)
11th URBIO newsletter - April 14th 2010.pdf (629KB)
10th URBIO newsletter - February 15th 2010.pdf (58KB)
9th URBIO newsletter - December 20th 2009.pdf (1MB)
8th URBIO newsletter - October 20th 2009.pdf (55KB)
7th URBIO newsletter - August 3rd 2009.pdf (62KB)
6th URBIO newsletter - June 18th 2009.pdf (116KB)
5th URBIO newsletter - April 21st 2009.pdf (135KB)
4th URBIO newsletter - February 20th 2009.pdf (222KB)
3rd URBIO newsletter - December 16th 2008.pdf (173KB)
2nd URBIO newsletter - October 16th 2008.pdf (72KB)
1st URBIO newsletter - August 16th 2008.pdf (155KB)

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