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URBIO Session 1
Session 1 : Benchmarking biodiversity towards a sustainable city
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Organizers (Name, Affiliation)
Yukihiro Morimoto (Japan, Kyoto University, Corresponding author), Masashi Kato (Japan) and Norbert Müller (Germany, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt)
Description of the Symposium
Benchmarking biodiversity and natural resources has a long tradition in nature conservation and is an important tool for political decision making. With the worldwide growth of urban areas, there is an increasing concern for biodiversity in cities. Urban biodiversity is providing numerous ecosystem services for urban dwellers and might play an important role in holding the global loss of biodiversity. This was taken into account recently by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity with the decision of the “Plan of Action on Cities for Biodiversity”.
This session is based upon the recent implementation in the program of Convention on Biological Diversity and related activities including the URBIO (Urban Biodiversity and Design) conference 2010, as well as the City Biodiversity Summit 2010, held in Nagoya, Japan, from 24 to 26 October 2010. In this session, points include the original natural profile of the city, the scale and mosaic patterns for evaluation, the effective index to encourage good practices will be discussed. The session will address current CBI, but it will further explore implications from theories of landscape ecology useful for the elaboration and case studies in some urban settings.
Speakers and Titles
1.01 Yosihiro Natuhara (Japan) – Landscape ecology for a sustainable city
1.02 Charles Nilon (USA) – Comparative studies of wildlife of cities (4,38MB)
1.03 Yoshitaka Oishi (Japan) – Bryophytes as potential indicators of biodiversity in cities
1.04 Takashi Asaeda (Japan) – Evaluating patterns and processes of urban rivers
1.05 Ayumi Imanishi (Japan) – Blue Index : evaluating biodiversity of cities on flood plains using endangered aquatic species
1.06 Shuhua Li (China) – Urban forest biodiversity in the context of cultural services in China
1.07 Thomas Elmquist (Sweden) – The economic value of urban biodiversity and ecosystem services (1,48MB)
1.08 Lena Chan (Singapore) – Measuring biodiversity in cities – the Singapore City Biodiversity Index (CBI) (5,57MB)
1.09 Yukihiro Morimoto and Takashi Inoue(Japan) – Evaluating major cities in Japan with the CBI tool (3,49MB)
1.10 Ryo Kohsaka (Japan) – Development of indicators in urban contexts: DPSIR and ecosystem services (3,20MB)
1.11 Masashi Kato (Japan) – Next step of the CBI – through testing of the city of Nagoya (0,85MB)
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