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Other upcoming scientific conferences

URBES conference in Brussels (Belgium), January 15, 2015

Dresden Nexus Conference 2015 in Dresden (Germany), March 25-27, 2015

ICLEI World Congress 2015 – "Sustainable Solutions for an Urban Future" in Seoul (Korea), April 08-12, 2015

IV Ibero-American and Caribbean Conference on ecological Restoration - "Making decisions to revert environmental degradation" in Buenos Aires (Argentina), April 12-16, 2015 (conference languages Spanish, English and Portuguese)

UNU-IAS OUIK International Symposium – "Biocultural Region – Ishikawa-Kanazawa model – the link between urban city and surrounding satoyama and satoumi areas" in Kanazawa (Japan), May 28, 2015

9th IALE World Congress – Crossing Scales, Crossing Borders: Global Approaches to Complex Challenges in Portland/Oregon (USA), July 5-10, 2015Large Parks in Large Cities: Visions and Governance in the context of green infrastructure, ecosystem services and landscape analysis in Stockholm (Sweden), September 2-4, 2015

If you have information about other upcoming scientific conferences on urban biodiversity and design, urban ecology, architecture etc., please do not hesitate to e-mail us! We will put the info here and announce it with the next URBIO newsletter, too.

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