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1st AB Meeting at URBIO 2010
1st URBIO Advisory Board Meeting 19th May, 2010,17:00-18:00, Nagoya

Memorandum of the discussion on Agenda 1-4

1. Exchange of ideas from the outcome of the URBIO 2010 conference
Landscape Ecology (Springer) will publish articles (7-8 articles). May be other journals can be acquired, one session = one journal.
The Declaration URBIO2010 must be ready 21th May 2010. COP10 will give time to present declaration as input of URBIO 2010 in COP 10/ Aichi-Nagoya and City Biodiversity Summit.
2. Aims, activities and future structure of the URBIO network
Norbert Müller reported that after two URBIO conferences and 2 years of the URBIO network it is time to develop a stronger structure and involve more people in the activities of the network. At the moment all activities except the organization of the URBIO conferences are organized by him (maintaining contact with the CBD and URBIO members, exchanging information on latest developments in urban biodiversity and design and upcoming conferences and distribution of the URBIO Newsletter). He is supported by his staff; that generally spend 1 day every week maintaining the web site, registering new people for the newsletter and managing the list of members.
2.1 Aims of URBIO
URBIO is an open worldwide Network for education and research promoting “Urban Biodiversity and Design” through continuing dialogue with the CBD. At the first URBIO conference in 2008, the participants decided to hold future scientific meetings (conferences or workshops every second year prior to the COP meetings) and to exchange research activities and results in Urban Biodiversity and Design.
2.2 Activities
2.2.1 URBIO conferences
Scientists of the country in which the next COP meeting will be will organize an URBIO conference in their country prior to COP. The conference topics are up to the organizers in discussion with the steering committee. The URBIO conference organizers will be involved stronger in the work of the office and bring the results to COP meeting.
2.2.2 Contact between the CBD and the scientists
To maintain the contact with the CBD, URBIO is involved in the Global partnership for “Cities and Biodiversity”. President and Secretary General of URBIO and some of the members of the Steering Committee should attend the telephone conferences (every two months) where information is exchanged and the topics on urban biodiversity for the next COP are prepared. The results of these meetings are distributed via the newsletter.
2.2.3 Exchange of information via the website and URBIO Newsletter
The latest scientific information on urban biodiversity and design should be distributed via the newsletter on average every 2 months. The office should collect information to be shared with the URBIO members and steering committee, through the web and distributed through the URBIO newsletter. The office also manages the member list.
2.3 Duties and structure of the network
The URBIO Network continues to hold a Network office. The office maintains the member list, website and newsletter.
URBIO is establishing a steering committee with representatives of corresponding societies, researcher groups etc.).
URBIO is nominating a President and Secretary General who are holding the office. Mahito Kamada asked Norbert Müller to function further as head (President) of the URBIO network and Norbert Müller suggested Mahito Kamada as Secretary General (both accepted). The steering committee will propose the further direction of URBIO and it is also the advisory board for the office.
URBIO can establish working groups, as necessary.


Current members of the Steering Committee are:
·      Prof. Norbert Müller (Chair URBIO2008, President URBIO, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Germany)
·      Prof. Mahito Kamada (Secretary General URBIO2010, Secretary General of URBIO Tokushima University, Japan)
·      Prof. Jürgen H. Breuste (Advisory Board URBIO2008, President of SURE, University of Salzburg, Austria)
·      Prof. Clas Florgard (Advisory Board URBIO2008, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden)
·      Prof. Maria E. Ignatieva (Advisory Board URBIO2008, Lincoln University, New Zealand)
·      Mr. Tadayoshi Inoue (Co-chair URBIO2010, Soken Inc, Japan)
·      Prof. Yukihiro Morimoto (Co-chair URBIO2010, Kyoto University, Japan)
·      Prof. Charles H. Nilon (Advisory Board URBIO2008, University of Missouri, USA)
·      Prof. Glenn H. Stewart (Advisory Board URBIO2008, Lincoln University, New Zealand)
·      Mr. Peter Werner (Chair URBIO 2008, Executive Secretary CONTUREC, Institute Housing & Environment, Germany)
3. Preparation of the next URBIO conference in 2012
Norbert Müller informed that the next COP meeting will probably in be in India October 2012, most likely in New Delhi. This will be fixed during COP 10.
Prof. Haripriya Gundimeda from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay expressed interest to organize the next URBIO conference in India 2010. The Network office will discuss with her the further procedure.
4. Proposal for a reviewed journal which URBIO should use
Mahito Kamada informed about the proposal of ICLEE to use Landscape and Ecological Engineering (LEE, published by Springer) as one of the official journals for URBIO.
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