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2nd AB Meeting at IALE 2011
2nd URBIO Advisory Board Meeting August 19th, 2011, 18:00-19:00, Beijing

Memorandum of the discussion on Agenda 1-4

1. Report on the progress of the Global assessment for cities

Thomas Elmquist explained framework and schedule of City Biodiversity Outlook. URBIO members have been invited to participate in the process.

2. URBIO 2012 in India
1) First announcement of URBIO2012 was introduced.
2) Potential keynote speakers, who were recommended by Maria Ingatieva and Charlie Nilon, were introduced.
– Andreas Spiegel (Environmental Scientist ETH-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Senior Change Advisor, Swiss Re)
– Cecilia Herzog (University Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and INVERDE Instituto de Pesquisas em Infraestrutura Verde e Ecologia Urbana)
– Ana Faggi (Universidad de Flores, Argentina)
– Mark Hostetler (University of Florida, USA)
– Anne Whiston Spirn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
3) Mahito Kamada suggested that Advisory Board member may consider and recommend the keynote speakers who are able to come to India even if no support of travel fees, because no funds are available in the current situation.

3. Uploading PDF files of all presentations in URBIO sessions
It was agreed that all presentations in URBIO Symposiums in the IALE would be uploaded to the URBIO web. Chairs of the symposium asked contributors to send pdf file to urbio@fh-erfurt.de.

4. Publication of presented papers in URBIO sessions
Mahito Kamada suggested three possibilities for publishing papers which were presented in the symposiums, according to arrangements with Dr. Catherine Cotton, Senior Publishing Editor of Springer, and Prof. Dr. Asaeda, the Editor-in-Chief of Landscape and Ecological Engineering.
– Landscape Ecology; Hurdle is little bit high, and the decision is depended on the Editor-in-Chief of LE.
– Future City, book published from Springer; Dr. Catherine Cotton recommended Norbert and Mahito to consider publication as a book. The book can involve about 20 chapters, and Catherine helps for publishing. (http://www.springer.com/series/8178?changeHeader)
– Landscape and Ecological Engineering; This is the official journal of the URBIO, published from Springer. Prof. Asaeda, the Edito-in-Chief, strongly recommended the advisory board members to publish the symposium presentations as the special future of LEE.

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