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4th AB Meeting at URBIO 2013
4th URBIO Advisory Board meeting July 23nd 2013 during the URBIO 2013 Workshop, Erfurt
Participants: Sarel Cilliers, Haripriya Gundimeda, Maria Ignatieva, Mahito Kamada, Nam-choon Kim, Martin Kümmerling, G. David Maddox, André Mader, Mark McDonnell, Norbert Müller, Charles H. Nilon, Glenn Stewart, Peter Werner
Protocol: Norbert Müller
1. Cooperation URBIO and ICLEI (Norbert Müller & André Mader)
a) 1 or more sessions will be organized during URBIO 2014 for the Research agenda by URBIO and ICLEI.
b) The results of URBIO 2014 will be presented at the City Summit during COP 12.
2. URBIO Declaration 2014
A draft should be prepared 1 month in advance.
3. Publication of URBIO 2013 workshop (all)
All participants accepted to publish the workshops presentations on the URBIO's website.
4. Publication of the results of URBIO 2012 (Charles Nilon)
Until now 22 submitted papers. 
The New title of the Book: Urban biodiversity policy 
Should be finished until Sept 2013.
5. Progress of URBIO2014 (Nam-choon Kim)
Information Andre Mader: Theme of the COP is "Biodiversity for development"
URBIO Conference
Organizers: Songdo City supervised by KOSERT / ICLEE
Title URBIO: Cities and Water
Proposed Sessions:
- 1 Stream restoration in urban areas
- 2 Research agenda on urban biodiversity, ecosystem services and design
- 3 Technology transfer and capacity building mechanisms for bio-efficient cities
- 4 Urban resilience studies
- 5 Landscape design for biodiversity
Peter Werner has been proposed as keynote speaker for session 1. Maria Ignatieva proposed for session 5. Prof Ahn keynote speaker as Korean representative. Further, a Keynote speaker on River restoration should be invited.
6. Further development of URBIO (Norbert Müller)
As announced in the last AB meeting in Mumbai Norbert Müller will withdraw from the position of URBIO President until end of 2014. Within the discussion several members of the Advisory Board were suggested as President, but no final decision was made and no single person wanted to take the main responsibility. Due to the duties of the current president Glenn made the suggestion to share the work in the future and have at least 2 or 3 persons as presidium. For example the President holds Headquarters and contact to SCBD and Vice-Presidents has other responsibilities.
Sarel & Charlie suggested to make a proposal: put together in a document and send to all possible candidates for presidency including tasks, time and money needed for upkeep of the headquarters, requirements for upkeep of website etc.
Norbert proposed election at URBIO2014. David proposed to use Doodle and elect via Internet, so that president can be presented at URBIO2014.
Norbert will discuss with proposed candidates on the work of URBIO and prepare a proposal for new presidium until URBIO 2014.
Further discussion if URBIO should become a "real" law-based scientific non-governmental society to better apply for funding from universities, funding programmes etc.? > Discussion not finished, but tendency to NO > David proposed he might be able to use "Nature of Cities" to channel some funds for URBIO.
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